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The holiday season is a way for many stores to go black or meet their sales forecasts.  Puppies are often on the want list and some places really just want to sell puppies, regardless of who buys them.  Puppies are one of the best gifts ever to be gotten, but they do require some knowledge and an understanding of things such as: vet costs, food costs, grooming, and so many more.

When families take an educated approach to getting a puppy or an adult dog, the whole process goes a lot smoother.

Paws in Motion can help with the selection, location, and the family fusion with your new puppy or hopefully even your new rescued dog.

oh yeah, I guess i'm speaking Matt...Family fusion means  the right dog, the right socialization, and the right training.

If you would like to schedule a meeting to find the right dog for your family call us or send an

We will go through some of the key criteria for choosing the right dog.  We will then go through some of the great channels to find the right dog from a shelter, humane society, or breeder. 
There is no fee for this service because the thought of awesome doggies sitting in shelters is ridiculous.   We can send you home with some possible choices, and when you have arrived at a decision, we can get you directions to your new dog.

There are a lot of things to do after we have chosen the correct dog.  From the very moment you meet your dog, you can make the right decisions.  Paws in Motion has lots of great services to help your dog meld right into the family life.  Your family may want to teach your dog tricks and how to walk on a leash properly.  You may want your dog to learn sit, stay, and the come command.  If we can help you find the right dog, any service that your family needs from Paws in Motion will be discounted 15% for the first 6 months of your great new relationship.
This is a free service:  please check it out.  

We would love to help match dogs from the humane societies, shelters, and rescue groups with the right families.
Having a dog in your family is well worth the time and money that you put in, but considering these points will help you maintain sanity:
  • Do you have the time?  Dogs need exercise, socialization, and training which require much of your time.  If you want to go to Asheville to have dinner at Reza's and a movie at the Biltmore Grande, you'll need to give your dog some time with you beforehand to make it fair.
  • Do you have the money?  You may have to put some stuff on eBay to be able to afford a dog. Shots, heartworm and flea preventative, food, bowls, leashes, teeth cleaning, the list goes on and on.  
  • Do you have the energy?  Some breeds are so high energy, you'll have to suck down lots of Red Bull just to keep up. All dogs deserve daily exercise, so if you like your couch just a little too much, consider a cat.

Give us a call or email to help you find the right dog.


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